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Installation & Maintenance

An installation of Fall Protection Systems at Height (Horizontal Lifeline System, Vertical Lifeline System, Anchors) and the use of Occupational Safety Equipment are obligatory in our country and should be selected depending on the type of substructure as included in Annex-5 of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation in Construction Works.

ODIN SAFETY’s Fall Protection Sytems at Height (Height (Horizontal Lifeline System, Vertical Lifeline System, Anchors) are installed by its expert team who have received international IRATA L1 / L2 / L3 and/or SPRAT L1 / L2 / L3 training and have a certificate of working at height.

First, we provide our customers with lifeline systems after the project is done. With the approval of the relevant proposal, installation is carried out as soon as possible, depending on the project size and site conditions (weather, production planning, etc.). Finally, user training is provided by our team free of charge, and the training is recorded and delivery is signed.

Periodic maintenance and controls of all occupational safety and working systems should be done once a year by the relevant regulation. Periodic maintenance of OD-MAXILINE Horizontal Lifeline System, OD-VERTILINE Vertical Lifelines Systems, and other anchorage products are carried out by our expert teams. The products have basic controls that must be done by the user before each use. Those basic controls are defined and declared in the training of working at heights and product user guide. In addition, periodic controls must be done at least once a year, and their suitability for use must be approved by ourselves and/or personnel authorized by ODİN SAFETY. These control dates must be written on the warning label, documented, and followed by the users. After the periodic control, we prepare a product control report which includes data about the product type, model, manufacturer contact information, serial number, production date, purchase date, first use date, next periodic control date, problems, comments, name, and surname of the expert performing the control. A copy of this report is sent to the customer by sharing it with the relevant persons by e-mail. Repair and maintenance must be carried out regarding the instructions given by the person or institution authorized by ODİN SAFETY.

No modifications, repairs, or additions should be made to the product without our prior written consent. Otherwise, we openly declare that ODİN SAFETY will not be responsible for any dangers that can occur. For detailed information, you can contact us at