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ODİN SAFETY manufactures fall protection systems (horizontal lifeline, vertical lifeline, anchors) and types of equipment working at Height. With fifteen years of experience and expertise in the occupational health and safety sector, it supplies and offers safety solutions to all institutions and organizations, especially iron and steel, defense industry, industrial, fire brigade, search and rescue, energy, fuel oil, construction, telecommunication, where working at height are required mainly. ODİN SAFETY develops and manufactures fall protection systems (horizontal lifeline, vertical lifeline, anchors), rescue, evacuation, and load-lifting equipment for many areas such as roofs, windows, facades, bridges, cranes, and over machines and trucks in Turkey. With our high production capacity and vast service network, we offer installation, periodic maintenance and training, and unique engineering solutions for your needs. 

ODİN SAFETY determines its motto as “Connect to the Line. Connect to Life. ” to remember and remind of directly touching people’s lives. All our products have been manufactured according to the latest standards and regulations. The safety of our products is strictly controlled, tested, and certified by an independent, internationally accredited institute.

ODİN SAFETY aims to provide perfect service with its quality management system, customer satisfaction management certificates, and internationally valid product certificates.


 ISO 9001 : 2015

 ISO 10002

 ISO 14001 : 2015

 ISO 45001 : 2018