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OD-EXT (Ladder Anchor)

  •  OD-EXT (Ladder Anchor) was designed to create anchorage points and to be mounted on all kinds of structural elements, especially marine-type vertical ladders.
  • OD-EXT (Ladder Anchor) has been developed as an alternative solution to reduce the extra investment and operating cost burden brought by the permanent vertical lifeline.
OD Ex2.3 3

About OD-EXT (Ladder  Anchor)

OD-EXT (Ladder Anchor) enables the user to complete his ascent and descent safely with the EN 360 standard retractable fall arrest to be mounted according to the height of the ladder and/or the height to be climbed.

  •  OD-EXT (Ladder Anchor) was produced, tested, and certified with EN 795: 2012 Type-A and CEN / TS 16415:2013 standards.
  •  OD-EXT (Ladder Anchor) is a user-friendly product that improves the costs of enterprises and offers ease of use to the personnel.
  • OD-EXT (Ladder Anchor) can be produced from 50 cm to 230 cm.
  • OD-EXT (Ladder Anchor) is suitable for 2 users to work at the same time.


EN795:2012 TYPE A
CEN/TS 16415:2013

Maximum No of Users

Maksimum 2 Kullanıcı